Emerging Leadership in a Collaborative Way

Reflections and activities on the role and actions of an emerging leader, centred on improving the school’s vision for teaching and learning. Aim is to illustrate a whole school approach to encouraging leadership designed to equip all teachers with the confidence and skills required to lead positive change in their school.



Sacré Cœur, Glen Iris has developed a leadership and management strategy which empowers teachers to explore new and improved approaches to learning and teaching. The five Guiding Conceptions and the five Actions Areas are depicted through a change project lead by an emerging leader. The focus of the change is on exploring flexible learning spaces and the introduction of ICT.

Sarah Maple, a Year 5 teacher who is beginning to take on leadership responsibilities at the school talks about her role in leading a change project. Sarah explores the effects that change can have on schools specifically in relation to the introduction of contemporary learning spaces designed to meet the needs of students in the 21st Century and the increased use of ICT.

Janine Hogan, Head of Junior school and Loretta Williams, Curriculum Coordinator share the school’s leadership and management strategies that are based on responsibility, empowerment and mutual respect. The focus is on creating a performance development culture in the school with an emphasis on developing emerging leaders.


Consider and reflect on one of the following:

  • ‘Effective schools foster leadership initiatives from all members of the professional community’ (Leadership Standards Framework)
  • ‘I lead by contributing to programs and initiatives in my school that are true to our vision.’

Activity 1

Watch the clip Creating a Vision:

  • Complete the template individually to examine actions related to your school’s vision for teaching and learning.
  • Consider possible improvement strategies at your school.
  • Share your responses with colleagues.

Supporting Emerging Leadership in a Collaborative Way
A Vision for Teaching and Learning

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Activity 2

Watch the clip Putting Energy into Action:

  • Complete the template to identify your leadership goals in line with your school’s vision for teaching and learning

Identifying my Leadership Goals
Aligning with the School's Vision for Teaching and Learning

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Sacré Cœur, Glen Iris - Strategic Plan

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Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL)
Goal setting activity using SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunites, Threats)

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Source: Archdiocese of Melbourne

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